Assessments and Benchmarking

A range of ways to assess and benchmark your program against leading international guidance as well as our unparalleled data sets: the practices of the World’s Most Ethical Companies and the ethical culture assessment responses of more than a million employees

Getting Ethisphere’s insight into metrics used to benchmark against the World’s Most Ethical Companies was really helpful in terms of prioritization… and feedback prompted a new initiative to collaborate with other departments in terms of root cause analysis.

— Alistair Y. Raymond, VP, Chief Compliance Officer, Avangrid

Ethics and Compliance Program Assessments

Gain insights into the effectiveness of your compliance program, learn how it compares to leading practices and chart a path to improvement.

Ethical Culture Assessments

Learn if your company has a culture of compliance, benchmark against peers, analyze results, and map improvements.

I picked the Ethisphere Assessment because it looked at all aspects of our programming, including areas I really wanted to focus on, like awareness of resources and our employees’ level of comfort reporting concerns — and their perception of organizational justice.

— Kathleen Franklin, Global Ethics and Compliance Strategy Leader, Sony

We use the assessments to measure our program effectiveness year to year. The assessments help us see where we can focus our resources and budget, as well as highlight the gaps.

— Mavin Dominguez Arroyo, Grupo Bimbo

Anti-Corruption Program Assessment

Measure your program against leading international guidance and gain immediate guidance and access to resources. Also ideal for third-party benchmarking.