Executive Summary – A Research Report from the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA)


A Deep Dive into Compliance Program Technology

As the pace and volume of business transactions, communications, and data increase exponentially, compliance leaders are turning to technology to streamline, manage and improve programs.

In this latest research report from the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA) we convened a working group of leading global BELA member organizations and surveyed the broader BELA community to learn:

  • Technology solutions and approaches companies are using
  • How organizations are implementing innovations
  • Best practices and guidance for incorporating technology into ethics and compliance

The full report is available exclusively to BELA members and contains specific examples of company solutions, results of the BELA community survey, and insights and recommendations on keys to successful projects.

Download this Executive Summary and learn how leading companies are approaching:

  • Technology-enabled efficient compliance, with insights into the use of artificial intelligence, bots, augmented reality and other tools
  • Data-enabled actionable compliance, including an overview of the types of tools companies are using, from dashboards to monitoring, blockchain, and other methods
  • Success factors and challenges when implementing digital innovations

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