Learning Sessions for Ethics & Compliance Leaders Looking to Leverage Data Analytics to Improve Programs

An on-demand masterclass series, brought to you in partnership with Lextegrity

DOJ guidance recommends using data analytics for monitoring, third party management, acquisition integration and other uses to enhance a compliance program. In this masterclass series, join Ethisphere and our partner Lextegrity to learn about data analytics, how to identify relevant data, ways to generate compliance value from data and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Data Basics: Defining, Sourcing, and Harmonizing Data

  • What is Data?
    • What data is relevant to the compliance function?
    • What is structured data versus unstructured data?
  • How Do I Process Data?
    • What functions do I need? IT, Finance?
    • What sources do I need and what may be available?
    • What is a “database” or a “data lake”?
    • How to leverage data already being collected?
  • How Do I Automate the Data Process?
    • What is an API?
    • What is an sFTP site?
    • How do I deal with multiple ERPs?
  • How Do I Harmonize the Data?
    • What is a unified data model?
    • What is machine learning, AI?
    • How do I deal with missing/”dirty” data?
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Using Data: Generating Compliance Value from Data

  • Methodology
    • What is a compliance analytic versus a metric or KPI?
    • What is transaction scoring?
    • What is data visualization?
  • How to Package Data for Different Users
    • Audience consumption of data in various ways
    • Exporting data
  • How to Avoid Common Pitfalls (e.g., Data Overload)
  • Process Considerations
    • Follow-up and remediation
    • Appropriate resources and functions involved
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Practical Data Analytics: Deep Dives Into Specific Use Cases

  • Transaction Risk Scoring
  • Third Party Risk Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Investigations
  • Program Assessment / Individual Performance Assessments
  • How can I leverage machine learning and AI?
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About the Partnership

Ethisphere and Lextegrity have partnered to work with corporate members of Ethisphere’s Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA) community to help define standards around data analytics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in ethics and compliance.

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