NEW! Measuring Ethical Culture: What Our Data Tells Us

We all know culture matters to business success. But how can you know if your company’s ethical culture is healthy? Measure it.

To help, we’ve created the industry’s most effective system to assess perceptions of your ethical culture, built around the Eight Pillars of Culture which we’ve identified over a decade of work.

We’ve had the opportunity to partner with companies to assess the perceptions of their employees as it pertains to ethical culture. Through these assessments, we’ve aggregated, anonymized, and analyzed all of the responses. The result is a large data set we can benchmark against and provide insights into your ethical culture. Add in data from the 2020 World’s Most Ethical Companies® and you have a superior dataset we referenced for our ethical culture data infographic.

In it you’ll find:

  • Number of data sources on average used by the World’s Most Ethical Companies.
  • Dedicated survey or inclusion in engagement survey? What the World’s Most Ethical Companies use.
  • The importance of training your managers to respond to ethical concerns raised by your employees.
  • How many experience pressure to compromise the Code of Conduct.
  • Are concerns investigated? Your employees aren’t sure either.
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