How a Focus on Enhanced Governance can Boost Corporate Integrity

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How a Focus on Enhanced Governance can Boost Corporate Integrity  In this webcast, leaders from EY and the BELA South Asia community discuss India-specific trends and findings from the 2022 EY Global Integrity Report. Key data points from the 2022 EY Global Integrity Report show a widening gap between [...]

Keeping the Integrity Agenda Strong for Emerging Markets: A Focus on Africa

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Integrity is an integral part of every organization, and the most ethical companies place a high priority on its role within their organization. This webinar dove into the latest Global Integrity Report from EY, which asks the question, ‘is this the moment for emerging markets to prioritize integrity? It had a particular focus on Africa and examined corporate integrity’s place in the management agenda, how to encourage employees to report misconduct, an increased focus on cyber and data protection, and third-party integrity issues.

BELA South Asia Webcast Series: EY’s Global Integrity Report 2020 – Spotlight on India

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The EY 2020 Global Integrity Report comes at a time of unprecedented instability. Globally, a diverse set of stakeholders are examining integrity through a very different lens. Surveying more than 3,500 employees and business leaders across 33 countries in the lead-up to and height of COVID-19 from within some of the most influential companies in the world, this was a unique moment to catalogue and measure the shifts in business behavior, ethics, and management.

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