The New Priorities for Business: A Candid Conversation with Leaders from Dell, AT&T, and AIG

2021-06-16T12:44:11-04:00By |

Ethisphere’s CEO Tim Erblich is joined by Mike McLaughlin from Dell, David Huntley from AT&T, and Lucy Fato from AIG to discuss this new changing workplace environment and what new priorities lay on the horizon for these companies.

Better Angels: Morality and Meaning in the Post-Pandemic Society

2021-06-15T15:53:11-04:00By |

America is emerging from the pandemic as a nation changed in fundamental ways, according to longitudinal weekly surveys from The Harris Poll. Harris data reveals that amidst the turbulence of 2020, public opinion has shifted on a range of issues from social values and voter priorities to expectations of business and leadership. And underscoring all these changes is the theme of morality as demands sound for a more equitable and just society. In a landscape scarred by loss, division, hatred, and inequality, there’s a larger role that business can play in creating a more prosperous and just society. This video is a small clip from the full session at Ethisphere's 2021 Global Ethics Summit event.

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