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Benchmarking an Ethics & Compliance Program: How to Turn Insights into Actions

“What we wanted in the Compliance Leader Verification process was to measure ourselves against what we considered to be the most respected peer group in the field, the World’s Most Ethical Companies®.”

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Alistair Y. Raymond
Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer

Avangrid operates in a complex, highly regulated environment—energy and utilities. A strong ethics and compliance program is critical to maintaining the trust of stakeholders, from customers to state and federal regulators.

To ensure that their ethics and compliance program addressed the expectations of both their regulators and their customers, for the past six years Avangrid has actively engaged in external program assessments with advisors, including industry consultants and law firms. In 2018, Avangrid’s primary shareholder, Iberdrola, S.A., engaged Ethisphere for a compliance program assessment and earned the Compliance Leader Verification. Following Iberdrola’s positive experience, Avangrid enlisted Ethisphere to complete a review of their program with the same goal of achieving Compliance Leader Verification.

“Getting Ethisphere’s insight into metrics used to benchmark against the World’s Most Ethical Companies was really helpful in terms of prioritization… their feedback prompted a new initiative to collaborate with other departments in terms of root cause analysis.”

The Ethisphere Compliance Leader Verification:

A Comprehensive Review, Evaluation and Validation of Your Ethics and Compliance Program

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