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Building, Assessing and Maturing a Global Anti-Corruption Program

“Tone at the top has been a key factor to the success of our program. Our leaders are convinced that acting with integrity every day is the only way to do business.”

Mavin Dominguez Arroyo
Corporate Compliance Officer
Grupo Bimbo

Five years ago, Grupo Bimbo had a very small compliance team that was centralized in the headquarters in Mexico. The company recognized the need to expand its program across its global brands to align with its corporate commitment to integrity and to meet diverse compliance requirements. Since that time, Grupo Bimbo has worked steadily to implement an anti-corruption program that is now highly mature and embedded throughout its global organization…

“We have experienced growth every year. Last year we were in 22 countries, and now we are in 32. As we grow and acquire companies, we need to assure that our compliance program not only works in Mexico, but throughout the world.”

“My best advice – measure your program year to year to understand how your program is improving. In-house, you may think your program is great and that it is having an impact. However, if you aren’t measuring it, you don’t know if it is effective and getting the results that you, the CEO, management, and the board want. It’s also a great way to sell what we do in compliance.”

Anti-Corruption Assessment:

Measure and Improve Third Party Capabilities

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