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JLL and Ethisphere’s Program Assessments

“A lot of the things we’ve developed have come from being part of Ethisphere’s community and getting these assessments, because that’s where we hear about the importance of training and get ideas about what other companies are doing. Ethisphere is our primary connection to best practices in the business community and the concentrated source of wisdom about how to keep raising our game.”

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Mark Ohringer
Executive Vice President, Global General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

For JLL, the worldwide real estate services and investment management firm, integrity lies at the heart of their business. “We are a pure service business, so it’s really all reputational,” Executive Vice President, Global General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Mark Ohringer says. “Our people are our assets.”

Even if you don’t know the name, it’s very possible you’ve been in one of JLL’s buildings, since they manage over four billion square feet of commercial and residential space in over 80 countries around the world. In each building, the owners trust JLL’s team to act ethically. For the last ten years, Ohringer has relied on Ethisphere’s Program Assessments as a key barometer for how JLL’s ethics and compliance program is helping further that mission.

“That comes right from Ethisphere telling us we need to have compelling communications and training.”

The Ethisphere Ethics and Compliance Program Assessment:

Identify Gaps, Benchmark Data & Take Action

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