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Insights and Outcomes from Benchmarking Ethical Culture

“We thought we really had to be more comprehensive in gauging employees perceptions of our program. We picked the Ethisphere Assessment because it looked at all aspects of our program, including areas we have been focusing on, like awareness of resources, our employees’ level of comfort reporting concerns, and their perception of organizational justice. We also liked the fact that it took less than 10 minutes for most employees to complete the entire survey, and that we could benchmark it against peer companies.”

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Kathleen Franklin
Global Ethics and Compliance Strategy Leader
Sony Corporation

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Sony Corporation is a multinational conglomerate whose diversified businesses include game & network services, home entertainment, music, movies, semiconductors, and other businesses. It has about 117,300 employees worldwide, 13% of whom work in the U.S., and over $78.7 billion in revenue.

In 2018, Sony implemented Ethisphere’s Ethical Culture Survey to selected businesses in its Global Entertainment and Americas region. The goals were to better understand employee perceptions of its ethical culture and its compliance program, and to ensure that it was meeting U.S. Department of Justice expectations that corporations conduct a thorough assessment of ethical culture. Before this survey, the compliance function had included questions regarding culture in the annual, general engagement survey.

“We wanted to make sure we were properly allocating our resources, and find out if there were any gaps we needed to address.”

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