Transparency in Investigations:
What Our Data Tells Us

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Trust through Transparency

The World’s Most Ethical Companies® (WME) honorees build trust with internal and external stakeholders by increasingly sharing the numbers, types, and outcomes of investigations associated with reports of misconduct at their organizations. In short, honorees are building trust through transparency.

Download this infographic for key insights into how companies choose to be transparent with their employees and the public.

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Leading Practices and Trends from the World’s Most Ethical Companies®: Volume 1

This research report keys in on three main themes: 1) diversity at the highest levels of the organization, 2) how leading companies embrace transparency in building an open-door culture, and 3) how Honorees have set the standard for written standards. It also identifies developing trends and showcases year-over-year comparisons for certain data points.

This year’s World’s Most Ethical Companies® included 128 organizations who are recognized for exemplifying and advancing corporate citizenship, transparency and the standards of integrity. The honorees span 21 countries and 50 industries and include 16 first-time honorees and eight companies that have been named to the list every year since 2007.

Insights from their best practices will be shared through research reports published throughout 2019.