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A Temperature Check

The Ethics Quotient® Survey is based on Ethisphere’s
proprietary methodology and offers companies the opportunity to assess and compare their program and practices against the World’s Most Ethical Companies®.

An Independent, Third-party Review

Obtain practical and actionable information that
compares your organization to both your peers and to the
world’s leading companies using Ethisphere’s proven methodology and in-house analysts.

EQ Scorecard Redacted
Benchmarking Report Redacted

The Ethics Quotient Scorecard Offers a
More Complete Understanding of Your Current Program and Practices

  • Collaboration across departments provides a more comprehensive look at your program overall from planning to implementation.

  • The methodology, reviewed annually by our Advisory Panel of legal, reputation, compliance, trust, and ethics experts, offers a defined and recognized set of ethical standards for comparison.

  • The resulting scorecard and report are turn-key and provide directionally accurate information on where your company stands relative to leading companies.

  • The Ethics Quotient is the foundation of the World’s Most Ethical Companies process and Ethics Inside Certification.

Download the 2017 redacted scorecard for a glimpse at the types of data we collect and the insight you will receive from going through the survey!

The Benefits of Measurement and
Evaluation Through Benchmarking

  • Regardless of program maturity, an independent, third-party evaluation against companies in your peer group helps guide internal conversation, resource planning, and practical decision-making.

  • Insights about leading companies and best practices shine a light on program gaps and stimulates collaborative thinking and action across the organization.

  • Your credibility with senior leaders is enhanced with Ethisphere’s “Peer Benchmarking Presentation” that highlights key findings and recommendations in comparison to organizations like yours.

  • By interacting with Ethisphere analysts in a “findings consultation” you’re able to ask questions specific to your situation and gain a more robust view into your responses vs. those of others.

Contact us to learn more about the review process, peer benchmarking presentation and findings consultation.