For over 10 years, Ethisphere Magazine has brought together global leaders to share their insights and explore the correlation between company behavior and overall performance. Published quarterly, each issue addresses best practices in ethics, corporate culture, governance, compliance and risk from contributors across the C-suite, board, academia and government.

Where You’ll Find the Magazine

The magazine reaches more than 15,000 individuals in print form and more than 30,000 legal, ethics, GRC and C-suite professionals in digital form. 

As part of Ethisphere’s partnership with the Association for Corporate Counsel (ACC), each ACC member globally receives a digital copy of the magazine every quarter.  

Premier ethics and compliance events including Ethisphere’s global summits, regional forums and highly regarded industry conferences hosted by ACC and SCCE.


Sample of Contributors

Contributors to Ethisphere Magazine are some of the most well-respected leaders in the corporate world including CEOs, board members, general counsel, chief ethics and compliance officers and others.

Tony West
Tony WestExecutive Vice President of Government Affairs, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of PepsiCo
Gloria Santona
Gloria SantonaEVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of McDonald’s Corp.
Richard A. Smith
Richard A. SmithChairman, CEO and President of Realogy Holdings Corp.
Ben H. Heineman Jr.
Ben H. Heineman Jr. Former SVP, Law & Public Affairs and General Counsel, GE
Wilson R. Jones
Wilson R. Jones President and CEO of Oshkosh Corp.
Richard D. Fain
Richard D. FainChairman and CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
Ilene Gordon
Ilene GordonChairman, CEO and President of Ingredion Inc.
Dick Moeller
Dick MoellerChairman of Thrivent Financial

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Editorial Calendar

Issue Theme Content Deadline Publication Date
Q3 2016 The Measurement Issue

Looking at the various metrics that leaders focused on ethics, compliance and governance review when determining the success of their program. Similarly, what metrics do board members, CEOs, shareholders and other stakeholders look for when determining the effectiveness of the compliance, ethics and governance program?

July 29 Sept 30
Q4 2016

The Investment Issue

Analyzing the role of private equity and investment in driving ethics, compliance and governance. This includes how funds like CalPERS can influence a company’s behavior; how compliance and ethics can drive financial performance of a company; and the role of finance in a compliance program.

Oct 19 Dec 20
Q1 2017

The Diversity Issue

Focusing on the benefits of diversity within a company’s workforce (including at the board and executive committee level). What are the ways the best companies are currently encouraging diversity among their ranks, and how to use these practices to influence a company’s culture.

Jan 24 March 10
Q3 2017

The Globalization Issue

Global companies face pressures such as conflicting laws, challenges from regional cultures, and a need to be aware of the social issues employees face in the various regions where the company operates. Increased globalization also leads to challenges in the supply chain, following anti-corruption and cyber security laws, and other compliance risks. This issue will share best practices for global companies to ensure a best in class ethics and compliance program.

April 18 June 30
Q4 2017

The Corporate Culture Issue

Global companies recognize the importance of corporate culture now more than ever. Assessing the perceptions that exist, identifying gaps and developing initiatives to overcome weaknesses have become a must for organizations. From hiring the right people to consistently driving home the right message, a healthy culture requires constant attention and develops organically over time. This issue will share best practices for global companies including the necessary steps and tools required to evaluate corporate culture as well as recommendations for strengthening it across the organization.

July 28 Sept 29
Q1 2018

The C-Suite Issue

Global companies are only as good as the leaders they employ. C-suite executives, the most senior in the company, play an enormous role by establishing the tone at the top, and in presenting themselves not only as role models but also catalysts who champion the pursuit of key organizational goals. They are the “chiefs.” The chief executive officer, the chief information officer, the chief operating officer, the chief risk officer and….you get the picture. This issue will share the best practices of these key decision-makers for global companies to ensure a best in class ethics and compliance program.

Oct 18 Dec 20

Special Reports

Ethisphere produces special reports on an ad hoc basis. Content typically includes a collection of themed-articles on key ethics and compliance issues with robust side-bar supplemental information and valuable takeaways. Topics include but are not limited to human rights, cybersecurity, diversity, third party risk, anti-corruption and more. In addition, the special reports may be produced in a 10-12 week timeline. To learn more about these visually compelling reports, please contact us. You may also visit Ethisphere Insights to view samples of individual reports such as the 2016 Special Report on Human Rights.