Anti-bribery and anti-corruption

Proactive strategies for managing Anti-bribery and corruption and third parties

Empower your organization with this comprehensive resource on implementing effective anti-bribery and anti-corruption (ABAC) processes with third parties. This guide provides valuable insights related to ABAC and all third parties – be they vendors, suppliers, or contractors.

Checklist for Engagement

Due Diligence Guidance

Training Guidelines

Ethisphere Essentials

Engaging with Third Parties

Ensuring a robust framework to safeguard your business against corruption risks is critically important when it comes to third party relationships. This practical guide provides the essentials to:

Establish a vetting process for third parties, including a business case analysis.

Categorize third parties based on risk factors.

Conduct due diligence through screening, internal controls review, and risk mitigation strategies.

Perform ongoing management throughout the relationship lifecycle, including refreshing due diligence, monitoring, and audits.

Understanding of factors such interaction with government officials, nature of work, and industry risk during ABAC due diligence.

Implement effective training programs that reinforce anti-corruption messages and ensure third parties are subject to the same rules as employees