Helping Private Equity Measure and Improve Across Key Risk Factors

Measure compliance and ESG capabilities across a portfolio in a way that is accessible and efficient, enabling improvements that target the most material risks an individual portfolio company may be facing.


Prioritizeand Improve Compliance and ESG Performance

Review portfolio company performance across multiple organizations on key ESG and compliance topics, easing reporting responsibilities, and mitigating risk. Provide the portfolio company team with an efficient way to up-level the program, maintaining agility while building the necessary structure to support integrity. Our solution goes beyond identifying gaps to enable real measurable improvement, with targeted prioritization based on program maturity and our proprietary residual risk analysis.


Our ESG and Compliance Assessment

Pre-Close Dilligence

Easy-to-deploy assessment tools woven into the diligence process, identifying risks pre-close, and providing actionable insights aligned with regulatory guidance to guide an F90 work plan.

100 Days Post-Close

Improve internal controls and create a culture of compliance to cover compliance and operational risks. Improve business process while reducing risk through automated reports using algorithms to provide expert advice and prioritize actions​. Accelerate with in-depth analysis with customized priority action roadmaps​.

Exit Planning

Seamless, cost-efficient exit preparation on key material non-financial risk factors. Using the same process, evaluate the maturity of an op co early in the exit planning process to determine key gaps and build a remediation plan using our automated platform and online resources.​


A Robust Assessment

Ethisphere’s comprehensive online assessment covers the elements of an effective program. It methodically quantifies your portfolio companies’ program maturity on a scale of 1 to 5, offering you an instant, clear-cut understanding of where they excel and where attention is needed.

What it Covers

Comprehensive Coverage Spectrum


Benchmarking and Improvement Guidance

Leverage immediate insights that spotlight your portfolio’s specific areas of performance across eleven essential topics. Review performance against both a target level of maturity and peer benchmarks to determine a path forward. Enlist an Ethisphere expert for an in-depth review, gaining expert-backed scoring, strategic recommendations, and resources to drive improvement.

Success Story

Hear How Ethisphere Impacts Performance

Ethisphere has been involved in helping individual portfolio companies measure their current program maturity and drive improvements… We’ve gone through that with a variety of different companies, and now we’ve expanded not only to go deeper on anti-corruption, but to start looking at other issues at portfolio companies.

Bruce Karpati

Global Chief Compliance Officer, KKR

Assessments at Scale

Ethisphere’s secure technology platform provides a user-friendly interface for taking and managing portfolio assessments. It offers efficient record-keeping, the ability to integrate independent verification into the workflow, and robust reporting capabilities.

Level 1: On-Demand

  • Organizational profile helps to build an inherent risk profile
  • Easy to take initial online self-assessment covers key risks
  • Auto-generated report with maturity scores against benchmarks and targets
  • Access to advice library with actionable resources
  • Advance prioritization algorithm with inherent risk-scoring capabilities to show residual risks and generate an action roadmap
  • Ethisphere expert call: review self-assessment results and build a work plan

Level 2: Need More Help?

  • Access an independent assessment and additional evaluation by Ethisphere experts, including an interview of key personnel and document review
  • Receive tailored priority action roadmap
  • Access a virtual improvement workshop for Executive Team and Senior Compliance and ESG Management
  • Take advantage of ongoing remote support to achieve improvement goals: webinars, calls, document review, wrap-up calls, and more