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Actionable Data Drives Decisions
Ethisphere’s Ethics Quotient®

The Ethics Quotient framework is designed to capture data on ethical culture, compliance programs, policy and procedure as well as other aspects of an ethical organization, in a consistent and standardized way. Download the 2016 Redacted Scorecard for a glimpse at the types of data we collect and the insight you will receive.

Download the Ethics Quotient Scorecard

Ethics Quotient (EQ)

The proprietary EQ survey provides an objective measurement of a company’s ethical culture, compliance programs,
policies and procedures and is the foundation for Ethisphere’s suite of services.

& Scorecard

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Ethical Culture

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World’s Most
Ethical Companies

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Early Insights from the 2017 WMEC Honorees

For the first time, we are offering “early insights” into the data from the World’s Most Ethical Companies®. The insight is focused on three key areas where we saw appreciable change or interesting developments during this year’s process.


The Ethics Premium

At Ethisphere, we know that doing the right thing is not always the road most easily traveled. That’s why we honor those companies that do it. It takes grit to enact policies that are forward-thinking rather than focused on short-term gains. It takes fortitude to make the right decision even when the ethical call can hurt the bottom line and it takes foresight to understand the difference and appreciate the long-term value. But the research is in. As we compare the 2017 World’s Most Ethical Companies honorees to the S&P 500 over the last 2 years, the gap (6.4% to the positive) is palpable – we call it the Ethics Premium.

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The EQ Assessment Criteria


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