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JUNE, 18, 2024


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Featured Speakers

Equal Opportunities Commission (Hong Kong)

Niru Vishwanath

Officer, Ethnic Minorities Unit

Prudential Singapore

El Lynn Yeoh

Head of ESG


Ramesh Moosa

Asean and Singapore Forensic & Integrity Services Leader

Morrison Foerster

Marcia Ellis

Global Chair of Private Equity Group

Baker McKenzie

Christine Cuthbert

Special Counsel


Gerardo Roldan Macko

Senior Compliance Counsel


Mona Dange

Chief Compliance Officer - APAC

KKR, Asia Pacific

Kapil Kirpalani

Chief Compliance Officer


John Chung

Regional Compliance Counsel, GAR

Western Digital Corporation

Chee Wai Mak

Senior Director, Thailand HR Deliver

GE Renewable Energy

Ruchika Dhamija

Compliance Officer -Asia Pacific & South Asia ·


Siobhan Murray

Associate General Counsel, Asia Pacific Trust & Compliance Officer


Preetha Nadarajah

Customer CTO Malaysia & Lead ESG Principal, Asia Pacific & Japan

Lam Research

Sangeet Dalliwall

Senior Director, Ethics & Compliance


Fengling Chang

Lead Compliance Counsel


Aarti Maharaj

VP, Global Partnerships and Managing Director, BELA South Asia and Asia Pacific


Kevin McCormack

Executive Vice President & Executive Director, BELA

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Welcome Remarks & Keynote: Equal Opportunities Commission on Ethics and Diversity

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New and Emerging Expectations for Compliance Officers

In this session, leaders will explore and share guidance on building and maintaining an effective compliance program, talent acquisition and impact on on compliance, promoting culture, diversity, and equity conversations. This session will also dive into the growing influence of the Chief Compliance Officer in 2023.

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How ESG Can Address the Biggest Global Challenges and Work to Promote Value Creation

This session will cover how companies are moving ESG beyond ethics and compliance to address global challenges such as managing the confluence of geopolitical risks. It will also reflect on how companies are incorporating ESG into an organization's authority structure to hold leaders accountable for achieving ESG goals and drive value across the company.

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Taking a Hands-On Approach to Maximizing Third-Party Integrity

On this panel, speakers will take stock of the current state of third-party relationships (suppliers, distributors, partners, and more) network often burdened with exceptional risks, and new challenges emerging from the pandemic and the current business environment.
  • What is required when a focus on integrity is not party of a third party’s DNA?
  • What is necessary from both a risk-based and value-based engagement perspective?
  • How do you continue to establish more effective due diligence processes
  • What are the greatest obstacles to success?
  • How might enhanced training better support and improve those relationships so that interests and performance objectives are aligned?
Navigating the complexities and diversity of the supply chain and other third parties is an essential part of any E&C program. From lessons learned to new concepts and vision, this panel offer insights on what it takes to address new strains on third-party management so that progress is sustainable.

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Emerging Markets: Creating a People-Centric Culture of Integrity

Data reveals that employees are willing to compromise ethical standards, best practices on hiring people who will support and empower the organization, and explore company initiatives, etc. Driven by the data in EY’s Emerging Markets Report, speakers will address how to manage new and emerging people-created risks such as: Background checks, incentivizing organizational performance, training and monitoring the impact and outcome of training sessions.

  • Attaining business and compliance excellence through a common bond and recognition of values
  • Internal and external factors that create obstacles –current market volatility, the competition for talent, shifting expectations of people in the way they desire to work, transformation of leadership or company goals
  • What are incentives that can influence behavior and recognize those that reflect the best of a company’s persona and value
  • How do you measure successes within the culture and company wins attributed to the culture
  • What is the role of integrity teams to serve as stewards and how to make those partnerships with upper management and other business partners to make it sticky and sincere
  • What are new tactics in this new normal that are serving as the new bonding agent for people with integrity at the core
  • What does EY’s Emerging Markets Report say about perceptions and business ESG perhaps a universal connector that the culture can lean on?

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