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How to Navigate Evolving Cybersecurity Regulations

How to Navigate Evolving Cybersecurity Regulations

In this Ethicast exclusive, Karen Evans, Managing Director of the Cyber Readiness Institute and Gregg Sofer, partner with Husch Blackwell take a deep dive into the ongoing trends and specificities of cybersecurity, particularly when it comes to the SEC’s expectations. Join Karen and Gregg as they discuss critical compliance issues and risk management around:

  • What defines a material cybersecurity incident
  • When the 4-day time limit for public companies to disclose a cyber incident really begins
  • How cybersecurity’s place within an org impacts the Board’s ability to assess risk
  • How much you should really disclose
  • What is the right balance between government and private industry for addressing cyber risk? 

To experience Husch Blackwell’s wide range of thought leadership, visit to learn more about their White Collar, Internal Investigations & Compliance Team as well as their Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Team. And while you’re there, be sure to check out their podcast, The Justice Insiders, the latest episode of which is “Incidents in the Material World: SEC Adopts New Cybersecurity Rules.”

And for a wide array of guides, tips, and white papers that empower small and medium-sized enterprises to be more secure and resilient in the face of cyber risk, please visit the Cyber Readiness Institute at

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