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Ethisphere Promise Statements

Our Promise Statements

Customers, Employees, & The World

Promise to Customers:

We promise to take bold steps with you and be your champion. We promise to be the trusted source of data, expertise, technology, and resources that will guide and empower your vision, driven by listening to your most pressing needs. We promise to foster a community of leaders that learn, flourish, and elevate the standard for what it means to be good, now and at every stage of your journey.

Promise to Employees:

We promise to be a place where you can make a positive difference. We expect you to seize that opportunity. We promise to foster a culture where your voice is heard, and diverse perspectives are celebrated. We expect you to use your voice to challenge kindly and sincerely. We promise to make big moves, enable innovation transparently and create space for you to develop, and in return we expect you to demonstrate a growth mindset.

Promise to the World:

We promise to stay true to our founding ethos that good businesses do better. We promise to stay vocal and vigilant in the pursuit of better companies, better communities, and a better world.


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