Implementing an Anti-Corruption Program for Competitive Advantage

2021-07-27T20:04:53-04:00By |

Implementing an Anti-Corruption Program for Competitive Advantage “For Excelcom, incorporating transparency and integrity in our relationships with employees, vendors, customers, and third parties signifies a qualitative leap and a value-add that positions us well in the national and international markets. Adopting anti- corruption policies and procedures offers security and [...]

Untangling the Disclosure Process: Best Practices and a New Approach

2021-06-16T14:58:45-04:00By |

How your company manages the disclosure of conflicts of interest, political contributions, and gifts is central to meeting compliance standards and expectations. It also tells your employees a lot about your program. Do you take your policies seriously? Do you make the process easy for them to comply? Do you follow through? Will you let things slide?In this webcast, we share best practices for implementing and enhancing your disclosures process and how to address different types of disclosures- from Conflicts of Interest, and Gifts & Entertainment, to Charitable Donations, and Political Contributions.

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