Risks, Regulations & Rewards – Data Analytics Whitepaper

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Risks, Regulations & Rewards: The Business Imperative for Automation and Data Analytics in Third Party Risk Management The latest U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) guidance for the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs (June 2020) makes clear that data analytics are critical. In our BELA Data Analytics Working Group, [...]

Digital Innovation: A Deep Dive into Compliance Program Technology

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Digital Innovation: A Deep Dive into Compliance Program Technology The digital era continues to push the pace and volume of business transactions and activities. This often leads to changes in a company’s risk profile and requires new risk management solutions. To help manage these risks, compliance programs are [...]

Top Five Ways to Exceed the DOJ Compliance Program Guidance by Using Data Analytics

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Top Five Ways to Exceed the DOJ Compliance Program Guidance by Using Data Analytics From dynamic risk assessment to acquisition diligence and integration, download the infographic to learn to incorporate data analytics in our top 5 ways to exceed the DOJ compliance program guidance. Related Resources

How Data Analytics Can Transform an Enterprise

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How Data AnalyticsCan Transform an Enterprise  Corruption and fraud cost companies upwards of 5% of annual revenue each year. The use of data analytics to detect fraud, corruption and other risks can transform how a company identifies and manages risk and can make Compliance, Internal Audit, Investigations and the Business more efficient and [...]

Using Data Analytics to Create a Next Generation Compliance Program: A Practical Roadmap

2021-06-16T13:26:09-04:00By |

In this webcast, learn how to digitally transform compliance programs using data analytics. Hear from leaders at Alexion, Lextegrity and Ethisphere as they discuss why digitizeand what it means to use data analytics in compliance,ey areas where analytics can make a difference, and new approaches for monitoring and spend management.

Connected Compliance – Using Technology to Grow the Ethics & Compliance Program

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The effective use of technology is critical to the growth and administration of any global compliance program – and the best compliance leaders are increasingly innovative in the ways that they use technology to integrate their programs with the broader business, as well as to manage risk. This webinar highlights examples of what companies are doing today, and features a discussion of ethics and compliance leaders who talk about how they use technology to support their programs and measure effectiveness, and what lessons and ideas they’ve learned along the way.

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