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Ethical Culture / Training and Communications

Behavioral Science and Ethical Culture

Session Spotlight: Choice architecture. Nudge theory. Loss aversion. Anchoring. What do all these concepts have in common, and how can they make your conversations with employees more effective? In this session, listen how to leverage behavioral science and cognitive psychology to understand where people are creating risk – and how to stop it. The conversation includes Katie Lawler, Chief Ethics Officer at U.S. Bank, Matthew Solomon, Director of Ethical Culture at AT&T, Maryam Hussain, Partner, Forensic & Integrity Services at EY, and Erica Salmon Byrne, VP and Chair, BELA, Ethisphere. This video is a small clip from the full session at Ethisphere’s 2021 Global Ethics Summit event.

The 2021 Global Ethics Summit was Ethisphere’s flagship event and the premier place for companies and delegates to learn, develop, and share ideas that elevate the field of business ethics and compliance. This year’s Summit showcased more companies and featured additional points of view while bringing together a larger community of leaders. This Summit also provided attendees, faculty, and sponsors with close to 40 different sessions, inclusive of plenary, breakout, and select company showcases.

This resource is part of the selected multimedia collection of on-demand resources that was made available to the public this year. If you are a Summit attendee, please reach out to Cassidy Davis at

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