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Data and Benchmarking

Benchmarking an Ethics & Compliance Program against Best Practices

“We want to be proactive. The decision to pursue the assessment was driven by a combination of best practice in the industry, and the need to make sure we’re on the right path and focusing on the right areas.” – Hope Scott, Vice President, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, Blue Shield of California

Blue Shield of California, a health insurance giant serving over four million members and employing 6,800 people, has a simple mission: to ensure all Californians have access to high-quality healthcare at an affordable price. “Everyone needs access to healthcare from the moment of birth, but the system by which we give it to people is very fragmented,” explains Hope Scott, the organization’s VP, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer. “There are many people trying to make it better.”

Those people include federal and state regulators, as well as legislators. “It’s a very complex regulatory environment to be providing such fundamental services to people,” she says. That environment makes it all the more important that Blue Shield of California has strong policies, institutions, and an overall culture oriented toward ethical business practices. To help support her work, Scott engaged Ethisphere to perform a Program Assessment and get a qualified outside perspective on the strengths of the organization’s current ethics and compliance program and understand areas for improvement.

Featuring: Hope Scott, Vice President, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer Blue Shield of California

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