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The Value of Business Ethics During the Pandemic: Research into the Economic Performance of Pharma and Life Sciences SMEs 

Is there a correlation between strong economic performance and a robust ethics and compliance program? Research says yes – see our new report for the findings and data.

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Key Findings

Our findings show that health-related small and medium enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region experienced stronger economic performance during the COVID pandemic if they had a high or medium-level maturity ethics and compliance program. 

They were more likely to grow revenues, add employees, increase employee wages, and expand their businesses into new markets. Each had a foundation of a strong Code of Conduct and robust policies and differentiated themselves with cross-functional collaboration and representation across the organization.

Download our full report for methodology, findings, and data on:

  • Trends in maturity across E&C program components
  • The relationship between E&C program maturity and economic performance 
  • The relationship between E&C program maturity and org size
  • The building blocks of a high maturity E&C program
  • How stakeholders drive compliance investment

This report was produced by the Business Ethics for APEC SMEs initiative, made possible through co-funding by APEC and The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA).  The Royal Holloway, University of London, also partnered with Ethisphere on the project.

About the Survey

In August and September 2021, over 200 companies spanning 18 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies were surveyed to assess the maturity of their ethics and compliance program and their economic performance during the COVID-19 pandemic. A special focus was on anti-bribery and conflicts of interest controls.

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