Anti-Corruption Assessment

Measure and Improve Third Party Capabilities

The Challenge

Understanding whether third parties have systems in place to manage anti-corruption

The Solution

Ethisphere’s Anti-Corruption Assessment offers insights into third party capabilities and provides resources and guidance for improvement.

A Win-Win

A scalable way for companies to reduce risks. Third parties gain a competitive advantage.

“We use the assessments to benchmark and measure the effectiveness of the program from year to year. Five years ago, we started with scores in the 2.3 range when our program was quite new (on a 1 to 5 scale). Last year, we achieved an average of 4.6. It is impressive to see how the program has evolved over the past five years.”

Mavin Dominguez Arroyo

Global Compliance Manager, GRUPO BIMBO

“For Excelcom, incorporating transparency and integrity in our relationships with employees, vendors, customers, and third parties signifies a qualitative leap and a value-add that positions us well in the national and international markets. Adopting anti-corruption policies and procedures offers security and predictability for our partners.”

Maria Jose Cuestas

President, EXCELCOM

“Our participation in the Ethisphere program is a business differentiator. We had a strong ethical culture before starting the program, however the Ethisphere approach and resources have been helpful for focusing our efforts, implementing new processes and further architecting our program.”

Henrique Barcelos

Head of Innovation, LTA-RH Informática

Explore the Anti-Corruption Assessment

A Robust Assessment

Ethisphere’s comprehensive online assessment covers the elements of an effective program. It measures maturity on a scale of 1 to 5 (most mature). You gain an immediate picture of your program’s strengths and weaknesses and how it aligns to leading international guidance.

Resources and Improvement Guidance

The assessment also generates immediate improvement guidance and access to resources to build capabilities. An Ethisphere expert can also conduct an independent evaluation, generate a second set of scores, and recommend priority improvements.

Enabling Technology Platform to Scale Assessments

Our technology platform provides a user-friendly interface for taking the assessment; and managing dozens, or even thousands of anti-corruption assessments. It offers efficient record-keeping; the ability to integrate independent verification into the workflow; and robust reporting capabilities.