Craig Moss

Executive Vice President, Measurement

Craig Moss is the Executive Vice President of Measurement at Ethisphere and a leading expert on using management systems to improve compliance and risk management performance within companies and across supply chains. He is responsible for developing and delivering programs designed to help companies and their supply chains measure and improve their compliance programs on topics including data protection, anti-corruption and cybersecurity. He has designed and led numerous programs helping Fortune 500 companies and private equity firms around the world to implement management systems to reduce supply chain risk and improve performance.

Craig is also Director-Content at the Cyber Readiness Institute, an organization focused on improving cybersecurity in small and mid-sized businesses by focusing on human behavior. He is a Director at the Digital Supply Chain Institute, where he developed a program to accelerate and scale digital transformation, and a unique new data trading framework. He is also Chair of the Licensing Executives Society committee for developing an ANSI global standard for Intellectual Property Protection in the Supply Chain.

Prior to joining Ethisphere, Craig was COO at the Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade. He co-developed the Social Fingerprint® labor management maturity assessment and the TenSquared® change management programs for Social Accountability International. He has published guides on implementing management systems to improve compliance for organizations including the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation and the United Nations. Previously, Craig founded Global Access Corporation, where he led more than 3,000 business development projects in 50 countries.