Nausheen Moulana

Chief Technology Officer

Nausheen Moulana is the Chief Technology Officer at Ethisphere, where she leads product technology strategy and execution to enhance and expand the world-class enterprise SaaS platform that offers a data-centric approach to Ethics, Compliance, ESG & Culture.

Prior to Ethisphere, Nausheen served as Chief Technology Officer at Glytec, the leading provider of FDA-cleared inpatient insulin dosing system where she led Product Development & Technical Operations. She also previously held leadership positions at Kyruus, Attivio (acquired by ServiceNow) and MathWorks. During 25+ years of experience across healthcare, enterprise search, and scientific computing, Nausheen has helped companies reach product market fit and scale by delivering customer delighting SaaS products, leading metrics driven lean-agile transformation, and building high productivity teams. Her technical areas of interest are Data Management, Analytics, AI/ML/NLP, Security, and Microservices Architecture.

Known for her mentorship approach to leadership and advocacy for diversity, equity and inclusion, Nausheen is also a startup advisor, speaker and host for several technical and talent events. She holds patents in the areas of copy protection, data access, and parallel computing. Nausheen has an MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson College.