Ethisphere Webinar, Partner Event

GenAI: What’s Your Organization’s Policy?

1 HOUR(S) | JANUARY 25, 2024 - | 1:00 PM-2:00 PM | EST

No matter where your organization stands on GenAI, it is imperative you create, communicate, and enforce a clear, actionable policy so employees understand your expectations of them with respect to the evolving technology.

We’re in limbo. Many leaders are struggling to balance their – or their organizations’ – trepidation versus fascination with generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). This is especially true following the recent Executive Order, and corresponding OMB guidance, from President Biden urging us to assess the opportunities presented by artificial intelligence, while simultaneously thinking through responsible and ethical use.
 Join us for a webinar on how to craft an AI policy for your organization that is reflective of your mission, vision, and values. Attendees will learn how an effective GenAI policy can:
  • Prevent the inadvertent creation or propagation of misleading or harmful information
  • Contribute to establishing standards and guidelines for maintaining your organization’s reputation and the trust of its customers, users, and stakeholders
  • Help your team to understand and comply with relevant laws and regulations
  • Address data privacy and security concerns
  • Promote fairness and inclusivity and implement mechanisms to correct and prevent biased outputs
  • Account for broader societal implications of the technology
Learn how investing in upskilling and reskilling your employees to harness the power of AI effectively and safely will differentiate and accelerate your organization.

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JANUARY, 25, 2024

1:00 PM-2:00 PM

Meet the panel


Asha Palmer

SVP, Compliance Solutions


Alex Hernández

Data Privacy Officer (DPO) & Product Compliance Counsel


Nausheen Moulana

Chief Technology Officer