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Webinar: So You Want to be a Public Company, Eventually?

1 HOUR(S) | JULY 20, 2024 - | 1:00 PM-2:00 PM | EST

Here’s How to Get Your Compliance Team Ready.

In this webinar, Erica Salmon Byrne, CSO & Executive Chair, Ethisphere and Roxanne Petraeus, CEO and co-founder of Ethena will lead a discussion on the key actions Legal and Compliance leaders can take to ready their compliance program on the path to an IPO.
They’ll discuss tactical tips for how to sequence leveling up your compliance training program without the company getting whiplash; they’ll address standing up a hotline and case management system and implementing a risk assessment and compliance survey. They’ll also discuss how to get buy-in from leadership, since the path to public readiness can often cause push-back like, “This feels too big company for us! We still need to be innovative!” Learn tactical details and hear stories from companies who have made a successful transition.
Participants will receive a complimentary check list summarizing the key, prioritized steps this panel recommends to ready your compliance program.

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JULY, 20, 2024

1:00 PM-2:00 PM

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Erica Salmon Byrne

Chief Strategy Officer & Executive Chair


Roxanne Petraeus

CEO and Co-Founder


Jenny Chung Savidge

Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

Airbnb, Inc.

Alex Punger

Lead Counsel, Ethics & Compliance Team