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Adam Balfour on People-First Ethics Programs

Adam Balfour on People-First Ethics Programs

As any ethics and compliance expert, and they’ll tell you: Humans are complex creatures that are often unpredictable, emotional, and irrational.

Ethics and compliance expert Adam Balfour, Vice President and General Counsel for Corporate Compliance for Bridgestone Americas, is a prolific writer and speaker who has authored numerous articles on ethics and compliance

Now, he has published his first book, Ethics & Compliance for Humans, which is an insightful call for organizations to design and implement people-centric ethics and compliance programs that employees will find to be relatable, relevant, engaging, and useful. In this episode, we speak with Adam to learn:

  • How ethics is all about real people making real decisions
  • Examples of great ethics storytelling from Encanto and…The Terminator?!
  • Why the Chief Purpose Officer could unify a lot of ethics initiatives

To get your copy of Ethics and Compliance for Humans, click here.