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Data and Benchmarking

A Buyer’s Guide to Ethics & Compliance Benchmarking Solutions: Selecting the Right Benchmarking Approach to Validate Programs, Optimize Resources, and Build a Business Case for New Initiatives

Every ethics and compliance leader must determine what to prioritize and how to select the best path forward, given limited investment resources. While some executive roles have very clear goal posts (you either hit the revenue goals or you don’t; profitability is achieved, or it is not) it is not so clear-cut in an E&C environment. The goals are broader, and they may shift based on events in the market and changing guidance from regulatory bodies.

This guide covers key considerations when selecting the best ethics and compliance benchmarking solution:

  • Benchmark against peers and leaders
  • Breadth and depth of data
  • Level of alignment with regulatory guidance
  • Timeliness and ease
  • Resources to convert benchmarking into action
  • Guides / eBooks