Diagnostic: Communicating and Measuring Culture 2017-04-07T14:38:07+00:00

Evaluate How You Communicate and Measure Ethical Culture

The Diagnostic consists of three weighted and scored sections:

Empowering Leadership

To what extent is management equipped to foster an open and ethical work environment?

Communicating Ethics

Is management actively encouraged to foster an ethical culture across the organization – and given the tools to do so?

Measuring Culture

Are the methods used to assess company ethical culture robust? Is culture measured frequently?

We’ve built the world’s first free culture diagnostic tool to help Ethics and Compliance officers and their teams assess where they might have gaps in the ways that they communicate and measure ethical culture. Use the provided benchmarked data to make the case internally to launch a culture survey. Match your practices with those of our data set. Most important, be armed to drive ethical change within your organization.

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