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An Inside Look at World Bank Sanctions and the Journey Out of Debarment

In the wake of violations that resulted in SNC-Lavalin being subject to World Bank Group sanctions, the company started a journey of transformation – one that recently reached a new milestone with an early release of sanctions.

In this webcast, learn about:

  • How sanctions work and role of the Integrity Compliance Officer: The sanctions process with the World Bank Group – what it means, what companies can expect, steps through the process, and expectations of the ICO regarding a sanctioned company and a monitor 
  • Working with the sanctions monitor: The role of a monitor in working with both The World Bank Group and the sanctioned company 
  • Building a culture of integrity: The best approach to take for a sanctioned business; building a program that meets requirements and becomes a model to ensure ongoing compliance


  • Lisa Miller, Head of Integrity Compliance Office and Integrity Compliance Officer at World Bank Group 
  • Iris Bennett, Partner at Smith Pachter McWhorter PLC, and monitor of the process 
  • Hentie Dirker, Chief Integrity Officer of SNC-Lavalin and leader of the integrity program
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