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It’s a hybrid, hybrid, hybrid, hybrid world! Now what?

Looks like home is the new office, and that’s not changing anytime soon. Or ever! Join The Second City for an engaging, informational, and *fully remote* guide to complying and thriving in the new workplace: your place.

We welcome the authors of Remote, Inc.: How to Thrive at Work…Wherever You Are, productivity experts Robert C. Pozen and Alexandra Samuel, to discuss strategies that tap into the unique advantages of working from home.

In this webcast, you learn to:

  • Explore how using humor can engage and inspire your employees
  • Go inside the mindset and habits of people who flourish while working outside the office
  • Sample The Second City’s library of Real Biz Shorts

Real Biz Shorts (RBS) is a licensed video content library of more than 260 videos from the world-renowned Second City comedy theater. They’re designed to quickly capture attention and diffuse tension around critical topics that are often challenging to discuss. Brought to you by Ethisphere in partnership with The Second City Works. Contact us to learn more about the full Ethics and Compliance video catalog.

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