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Lextegrity Compliance Digital Transformation Maturity Diagnostic


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This diagnostic aims to help organizations assess the maturity of their compliance programs and processes with respect to digital transformation. Designed by Ethisphere, in partnership with compliance digital transformation experts Lextegrity, the diagnostic will assess program maturity in the context of automation, monitoring and analytics targeted to core spend and counterparty risk management (e.g., fraud, bribery, conflicts of interest, data privacy/information security, sanctions, etc.).

The diagnostic will focus on the following specific compliance process areas where such risks routinely arise:

  • Third-Party Due Diligence
  • Gifts, Travel & Hospitality Expenditures
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Sponsorships, Donations & Political Contributions Expenditures

Respondents to this diagnostic will receive a consolidated anonymized benchmarking results report of the assessment from all responding companies and where their organization falls on a compliance digital transformation maturity scale. Respondents will also have the option of participating in an intimate virtual workshop, with Ethisphere and Lextegrity, to discuss the organization’s specific findings and a personalized concrete digital transformation roadmap created for the organization.